Hairy doggirls

Well, finally I've figured out how to get a picture onto this blog. Did it by putting Firefox on my Mac, and not using Safari. Thank you Firefox!

Anyhow, here are my hairy doggirls, in a typical pose. Mother and daughter, they are super buddies and love to play and wrestle. They do it outside, lots, but also sometimes start to do it in the house. At 110 lbs each, that's too much rambunctiousness in the house. So, we tell them "that's outside behavior!" and they get up and charge for the back door and resume their romp in the yard. Mikinaak's standing up, Nisse's on her back.

Glad to finally be able to share my furry buddies...


leanne said...

Oh, they are beautiful Consie! Just beautiful! And one of my friends has a young (year old) Newfie girl so I know JUST what you mean about that rambunctious outside behaviour! Muesli was just fed up with her, cuz she was getting on in years and grumpy!

Phyllis H. said...

I LOVE Newfies! In fact, we've often talked about what kind of dog we'd get if we do ever have the heart to get another dog when our sweet Brandy goes to doggie heaven and we are really seriously considering a Newfoundland. Thanks for sharing!