Fur and feathers

Well... these aren't exactly studio companions, but they are in my garden when I venture outside for a break from my desk.

It is lovely to go out and scritch some bunny ears or hold a conversation in boc-boc talk. Hens always have a lot to talk about.
I have 5 hens but sadly only 2 rabbits now, as one (front left) passed away this summer.
Her name was Bunty, and her sisters are Bessie and Blue.
The rabbits are rescue bunnies and we are not sure of their ages.

Two of our hens are battery-farm survivors, and are now such happy friendly girls.
They have discovered the joys of dust bathing, bug hunting and sunning their feathers. All deprived experiences for battery farmed birds. These garden friends gather like one big family and spend the daytime together regardless of fur or feathers.
At night they settle in their separate housing, but sometimes they get mixed up, and it's not uncommon to find eggs in the rabbit's hutch!
I always return to my desk relaxed after spending a few moments in my garden with such good companions.


John Nez said...

They're lovely!

I like how the bunnies seem to be all rubbbing noses in the one photo.

It must be hard on them in the winter though... when it's all cold and frosty.

June said...

We have mild winters here John, and they have cosy shelters outside full of hay beds to snuggle away from the cold.

They prefer to be out than to be shut into a sheltered place, and their fur coats grow thick to meet their needs.
The hens also have their own eiderdowns beneath their waterproof feathers, and they don't feel the cold on their feet.
Better adapted than we are for sure :o)


farah said...

I wonder if that's how the Easter Bunny story got started....


MJM said...

The composition in that bottom pic (hens and bunnies) is awesome, June I don't think you could pose them more perfectly if you tried!

Liza Woodruff said...

the photos are beautiful. Makes me want some bunnies.

June said...

I promise I didn't pose the bunnies. I went out one day and there they were nose to nose to nose! I ran for the camera, and they didn't move. They let me take lots of pictures. (They are fat lazy old ladies now, they were obese when we adopted them.)
Then the hens got jealous of the attention, and came over to join in. They just stood and preened, and I clicked away and got one good group picture. (The others were blurred where they kept moving.)

I love that idea about the Easter Bunny story... there is a book in it somewhere. I have been planning a book around 'my girls' but never get time to work on it.

leanne said...

Oh, how wonderful! I am just lovin them bunnies and red hens together with all that lush green grass! How fantastic! (boy, those are pretty runofthemill exclamations for such lovely beasts!) I am thoroughly envious!

paula said...

I love your little furries and fuzzies June! Those hens are adorable. You really should do a story about them (and you could make it so cozy and lovely!)