former studio companion

Though I have a lovely Bernese Mountain Dog who sleeps by me while I work, and two cats who drink my watercolor water fairly regularly, it's nice to have a minute to think about one of my favorite former studio companions.
My cat Elvis was really more like a dog. He would take walks around the neighborhood with me. He would run to greet me when I came home from work.
When we lived in a loft that was next to a gallery space, he would often sneak out our window and skirt across the 5th floor ledge to get into the gallery. He got in quite a lot of trouble when he peed in someone's (art)installation which involved a bed made entirely of salt. Ah, Elvis. He was a free spirit with a sense of humor.

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June said...

That tummy looks like it was good for scrummying!

What a naughty cat... peeing in the exhibits is just not done.
Great story to remember though.