Dogs have masters... Cats have staff

Aside from all the dust kitties, there's my real cat. However I am unable to disclose her name, or anyone reading this would be able to unlock half of my online security passwords... not that it would do anyone any good.

Of course, just like illustrators vs. authors... and cats vs. dogs... it's the dogs that get all the attention! Why is this? Because dogs are the conspicuous pet. Dogs can travel out and about in society to have praise lavished upon them, whilst the lowly cat skulks at home behind a bush... or more likely sleeps away the day in an armchair, forgotten and ignored.

And then there's the whole 'cats as the devil' thing and the general disregard that cats are generally dished out in society, especially around Halloween. Cats, in their wisdom, generally choose to ignore such ill mannered treatment.

But cat owners know that cats are the truly contemplative pets and are used to being worshiped as gods. Cats figure the ancient egyptians had it right when it came to cats. Or that button I saw in a store that said, "Dogs have masters... Cats have staff". That's actually ironic since cats are WAY less trouble to keep than dogs. When my brother visits with his beagle in tow, I can't believe the round the clock slavery required to sustain that pet... not to mention the swath of destruction is leaves behind.

Cats are trouble free... meditative... picturesque and a good role model (sleeping 22 hours a day).

Anyhow, my cat gets featured in lots of my illustrations... though I also like painting tabby cats and tortoiseshell cats.


farah said...

I'm a dog person for sure John. But your cat is absolutely gorgeous! She looks quite regal!

MJM said...

That's one of the most beautiful cats I've ever seen.

June said...

I am not a great fan of cats John, but I do admit that your cat is a pretty good example of the better feline qualities.
She has an elegance to her, and obviously contemplates her 'staff' whilst she sleeps :o)