Critter numbers have been higher in the past, but for now we share the world with two hairy black Newfoundland dogs. Mikinaak is almost 6; her daughter Nisse just turned 3 last week. They are sweeties, alternating romping fun behavior with snoozing at my feet as I work. They've worked their way into 3 of my 7 books; if people can be in it, I put newfs in it. Our dogs have gone on bookstore and school visits with me, and are always a real hit. I never know who likes it more - the kids or the dog. There's a good reason Barrie made Nana a Newf in PETER PAN; that nannying is in their DNA. Such good friends...

I have two images I've tried to include with this, but being blogdumb (or maybe it's actually not my fault...) I can't get them to upload without Safari cutting out on me. So I'll try including this without the images, and maybe I can get them up, to share, later.


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farah said...

I've always wanted a Nana dog from Peter Pan!! I bet the kids do love them when you do school visits! Can't wait for pictures!