Ice Cream Plop!

Another ice cream please...

Illustration from Sunny Bunnies
written by Margie Blumberg
illustrated by June Goulding

Balancing Feathers

These two characters had many competitions to outdo one another, here's one.

The Feather Contest
Digital illustration for an educational reader.


Feathers One, Icarus Zero

People forget
though I'm sure you knew,
 Icarus fell,
but he also flew.
Illustration by Patrick Girouard

This Old Fish

Some years ago I did a program and workshop at the Eric Carle Museum and this old fish was the result of the audience-generated character for an original story.

" Its head looked like a tall top hat.
Then it took a deep breath and became very fat!"

Illustration by

OLD! is the theme for June

Here's my OLD art for the month of June.

These illustrations are from Rhonda Donald's picture book, If The Mummy Could Talk. The publisher is Arbordale Publishing. This book took tons of research combing through museums, books, as well as online. The mummies featured in the book were from all over the world, but my favorites were the Egyptians. They really knew how to live as well as die.

Thanks for taking a look!
Cathy Morrison
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Ramesses 111, Egypt, more than 3,000 years ago

King Tut, Egypt, 3,300 years ago

Cat Mummy, Egypt, 3000 years ago

Activity Sheet

Kitty Hugs

Nothing like a Kitty Hug.
There's no place like home!

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