Kitty Hugs

Nothing like a Kitty Hug.
There's no place like home!

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Judith Moffatt HUG Themed Art


From Anne of Green Gables, Anne hugs Diana's Aunt Josephine,
 illustrated by Ellen Beier for Guomai Publishing, Beijing, to be published 2020

A Hug - John Nez

Here's my little hug.
This was a cover tryout for my book 'A Twin Is To Hug'.

Phantom Hugs


A Bear Hug

An image from my archives - a great big bear hug

June Goulding

May The HUG Be With You!

May's word of the month is HUG! 
Going through my art files I realized that I'm sadly lacking in HUGS. But I love the theme very much so wanted to post something appropriate. Here's an illustration from a picture book that's a work in progress showing Lulu getting a hug from her boy.

We'll take illustrated hugs and virtual hugs until we can have the real thing.

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Thanks for taking a look!
Hugs, Cathy Morrison

Furry Friends for the Spring Season

Something from the distant archives, these furry friends were part of a series of images I made for Janome sewing machine company in Japan, which released them as embroidery patterns on CD-Roms. I was only given a single fabric print-out of the embroidered images (bottom scan), so I've never got to see how the whole series turned out, but I imagine quite a bit different from the pen & watercolour originals!

Janome wanted a very generic, traditional cosy English look, and it was a lot of fun to draw, though completely self-indulgent. The character watercolours have never been published or used anywhere else outside the embroideries, I've always had a certain fondness for them though.

the only sample of the embroidery I was given.

John Shelley