Fruits of Our Labor

Doodles For Hunger
Steven James Petruccio

Illustration for celebrity art auction in NYC to benefit the  St. Francis Food Pantry. 
It never hurts to help out in a small way.

Technically Speaking...

... a banana is an herb.
Patrick Girouard

August is for FRUIT!

August's theme is FRUIT! Did you know that tomatoes are considered to be both a fruit and a vegetable? Nutritionists consider it a vegetable and it's listed that way under the USDA guidelines. Since it grows on a plant and is the means by which that plant gets its seeds out into the world it's also considered a fruit. So that takes us back to August's theme of the month - FRUIT!

Happy August!
Cathy Morrison
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Red Squirrel and fairy

illustration by June Goulding
A very old sample piece of watercolour art 
which never turned into a book.

Squirrelly Happy Dance

I just LOVE squirrels, and paint them whenever I can, in outfits or not...Happy July,

Squirrels, squirrels everywhere!

July's theme is SQUIRRELS!

See these two long, skinny illustrations? They're the final two images for The Tiny Giant, coming out fall 2020. It's not a tall skinny book, it's a square format. But you will have to turn the book sideways which changes it from a horizontal to a vertical format to read the final two pages. I wanted to accentuate the growth of the oak that stemmed from one tiny acorn. Then I wanted the focus back on one tiny acorn that will grow and grow to do it all again. It's sort of a cycle of life story. So this is how I did it.

Happy July!
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Thanks for taking a look.
Cathy Morrison

Mother Nature

Mother Nature's Short Grass Prairie
June's theme is MOTHER. I'm going for Mother Nature here and that includes mother deer, bunnies, birds and all the flora and fauna found in nature.
You can see more illustration samples on my Studio With A View blog.
Happy June everybody, finally feels like summer.
Cathy Morrison

Monster for May

Peek-a-Boo! A colourised monster drawing - originally a B/W sketchbook exercise.

John Shelley

KIDS at Children's Festival of Stories 2019

April's theme is KIDS! I'm late to the game because it's the last day of the month, but wanted to post this composite image from the Children's Festival of Stories in Denver, Colorado. We had the cutest KIDS ever and I'm already looking forward to next year's event. You can see more kids, book creators, food vendors, and entertainers on the event's website: Also, please check out my blog for illustrations and updates:

I don't know what May's theme will bring, but I'm planning to post sooner than later.
Thanks as always for taking a look!
Cathy Morrison
Studio With A View