Star Gazing

Two more spreads from a fairly recent picturebook for Fukuinkan Shoten in Japan, Yozora o Miageyo (Look up at the Night Sky). A city family, unable to view many stars due to light pollution, camp out in the country to experience the Milky Way and Perseids meteor shower. Mapping the accurate location of all the stars was a fun challenge!

John Shelley

Star Search

After including this mouse tucked away in the corner of  a book illustration, 
I decided to give him an opportunity to shine! 

Mouse & Star

Starry Skies

Hidden Picture Poem and Art 
by Patrick Girouard

A goose, a goat, a ticking clock
My brother’s smelly baseball sock.
I see three fish up in the sky
A polar bear, and a striped bow tie.
Camping out on our vacation
We create the constellations!

Oops! Turkey Time!

For the past three years I've posted my Turkey Hand art.  I posted on my Insta and FB but forgot to put it here so.....

Drawing turkey hands and Charlie Brown are all I had as art classes, pre-college, so this brings back memories and it's just fun!

Fox relaxes

Tea in the morning -Amy Huntington

In the Garden

Here's an image from Outside-In (Frances Lincoln / Barron's Educational, 2010), a non-fiction picture book first introduction to human biology. This was used in a spread that discusses the skin.

John Shelley

What's in your Garden?

August is for Gardens!
Click the image for a larger view and you can see more illustrations on my Studio With A View Blog.
Happy Gardening,
Cathy Morrison, gardener and illustrator

Ancient Garden

Viewing Babylonian hieroglyphs helped me create a believable image of this ancient wonder.

The Hanging Gardens of Nineveh
God Saves Jerusalem
Arch Books

I Spy Blackberry Pie

There's all types of gardens. Some are wild, others are manicured, some have flowers, others grow food. Here's another garden from I Spy Blackberry Pie.
Thanks for taking a look and you can see more on my Studio With a View Blog.
Cathy Morrison

Fresh-Picked Poetry: A Day at the Farmers' Market, (Michelle Schaub) and Amy Huntington, Charlesbridge, 2017

It's farmers' market season!

Amy Huntington

Harvest Time

Patrick Girouard

August is for Gardens!

 I was happy to hear that the theme word for August is GARDEN! I'm an avid gardener myself. Here's some images from a book I'm working on as writer/illustrator. I have some more garden picture book images that I'll posting during the month, but don't want to hog the PBAA blog for now. You can see more of my illustrations on my Studio With A View Blog.

Thanks for taking a look and enjoy your gardening because fall's coming soon!
Cathy Morrison

Nightfall in the City and the Country

Two sequential spreads showing the deepening blue skies of sunset, from Yozora o Miage yo, a picture book for Japanese publisher Fukuinkan Shoten about discovering the stars of the night sky (2016). Twilight is absolutely my favourite time of the day, that fleeting time when everything changes - the sun is just disappearing over the horizon, leaving a deep blue sky, and the first stars start to come out. All the lights come on, but it's not yet night. I find that shifting, mysterious time of the day endlessly fascinating.

John Shelley