Biblical People

   Nineveh Marketplace
   Watercolor illustration from
   Steven James Petruccio


A very Happy New Year Everyone! Here's something for this month's themed art, on the subject "People"...

What else could I submit? Will's Words, released to time with the anniversary of Shakespeare's death in 2006, was just people, and more people, and yet more people. Drawing them was a cathartic process over the weeks, but also comfortingly theraputic. 

John Shelley
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Winter fire

Amy Huntington - Feeling the winters fade.

People - Stephen Aitken

Experimenting with direct painting in traditional watercolour, on Arches cold-pressed paper. 12x15”.

Stephen Aitken

Happy New Year!

The Theme Word for January is PEOPLE! What a nice way to kick off 2020. My illustration is for the National Forest Service showing how people have used the grasslands throughout time.

You can see more of my work on my Studio With A View Blog. Also I post a lot of artwork on Instagram, @cathymorrisonillustrates.

Thanks for taking a look and Happy New Year!
Cathy Morrison