My PET Project at the moment

July's theme word is PET. 

I'm posting these images for a couple of reasons. First, this is my PET project I'm currently working on. Lately I've been writing as well as illustrating. Two projects are in the submission phase. But not this one. It's rolling around in my head, ever changing, but for some reason these images keep coming up so I took the time to play around to see what develops. Maybe one will be a cover, maybe not. The first is pretty straight forward, the second would be a cover wrap. I like cover wraps.

The second reason I'm using these images is because they showcase a PET mouse. Personally, I'm not a fan of a mouse for a pet, but sometimes these books write themselves as much as I try to direct where they are going.

Happy July and thanks for taking a look. You can see more on Studio With A View Blog.

PET - Themed Art for July by Cathy Morrison


JonB said...

Beautiful art. The only problem is that, in the first cover, the reader might not be sure whether the title might not be Rocket Science.

Cathy Morrison said...

Hi Jon,
It's sort of a play on words that I'm going for here - Pocket Science/Rocket Science. And I very much appreciate your input because otherwise I have no idea if it's coming across like I'd hoped. This is very much a work in progress.
Thanks Jon!!