September's theme is "Character" but I've been working on a couple of picture books where there's no central character. So that's a huge challenge I don't have to deal with although there's other concerns to make sure there's continuity throughout the book. This is one spread from Nature Recycles, written by Michelle Lord and published by Sylvan Dell Publishing. This spread is about how the decorator sea urchin recycles. Other examples of recycling in nature are the elf owl, hermit crab, veined octopus, dung beetle, poison dart frog, you and I, etc. Look for it spring 2013.

By Cathy Morrison

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June said...

I bet this is an amazingly interesting book, and if all the illustrations are like this - it will be very popular :)

I do worry that our oceans are so full of human-created rubbish, it is more than nature can possibly cope with recycling. One day, humans will start a big clear up - I hope!