Woodland Park Zoo

This is a large piece I created for the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle. Originally I wanted to create a piece, a sort of "homage" to Fanny, ( in pool, right center ) a wonderful, large brown bear who had lived nearly her entire life in a cement enclosure, walking back and forth, most of the time. The Zoo completed a large Alaskan Habitat  with grass and trees and deep pools filled with fish and otters and for the first time Fanny could feel the earth under her massive paws. For several months she still walked back and forth, until she realized she needn't any longer. I loved that this happened and offered to donate a piece of art to the Zoo which turned into a poster for an International Zoo Conference hosted by the Zoo with all the scanning and printing and paper donated and then became a large enameled sign  which is still at one of the entrances.

by Wendy Edelson


John Shelley said...

That's lovely Wendy, so detailed and carefully crafted. I presume the original artwork was a lot smaller!

www.shelter-cats.com said...

Beautiful work!