Pirates ahoy!

Tom the cabin boy and the ship's cat watch as
the Pirates use the map to find the hidden treasure

Here is a piece from a pop-up Pirate Ship Adventure book I illustrated a few years back. 
This image shows 3 layers of illustrations roughly assembled in photoshop to give an impression of the cut-out layered view!

These are the three illustrations as individual layers, drawn out in pencil.
The lines on the top layer indicate where 3D folds would be made
to bring the front layer forward.
I needed to work out the cut-out areas for each layer, to display the scene below it.
This was the facing page where the text would go.
It had an ornate border to match the illustration.

June Goulding

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Ellen B said...

That sure is interesting the way the image breaks down for the various layers. When I click on the image to enlarge I can see the shadow of the 2 upper layers - cool!