Winter Red

Here's a bit of red... noticeable because everything else is blue. It's the cover from the book 'Otto and the Birdcharmers' by Charlotte Haptie, a truly wonderful writer. The hard part of making this cover was trying to pick just one scene to illustrate. I'd fold down the page at every scene I wanted to paint, and by the time I was done, about every 10th page was folded.

'Otto and the Birdcharmers' is a captivating novel with all the fantasy and intrigue of Harry Potter, but I never heard anything more about it anywhere... so I guess it's hidden on dusty bookshelves somewhere. It actually seemed richer than the HP books, as it has a delicious eastern european flavor to it somehow. But then I always like wintertime books. I think 'A Winter's Tale' by Mark Helprin is a great snowy wintertime novel too.

John Nez

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