Second life for an illustration?

Yesterday I triple matted this illustration from Mother Osprey and took it to my new gallery for pick up as a donation (along with a signed copy of the book) to a local Rotary Club for their upcoming silent auction. Today I got a call from the gallery owner telling me that a lady had expressed interest not only in a set of three of my watercolors, but in the steamboat illustration; he wanted to know what the price would be! So I guess I will choose another one for the Rotary and try to figure out what to quote for this one. Hmmm--maybe packaged properly, some of those old illustrations stored in the closet could find new homes.


John Nez said...

Now there's a challenge... concentric circles in a repeated perspective!

Came out perfectly!

Constance McLennan said...

Yes, that was a real pain and not my favorite activity :-> Thanks.