Tiny Fairies

It isn't often I get a chance to do a really FUN portrait, but this was for a friend a long while back, who adores her niece. Her family owned a bed & mattress store and my hubby and I desperately needed a bed and mattress. So, we got a super nice bed, and I did a portrait for the family. My friend was wild about fairies, so I included them and used sparkly paint in some places for fun. This piece actually is about 30" tall. Still my best barter, though I have gotten a canoe, tent, pack and shells for my family as well - among other things : )


June said...

This is such a lovely painting for the child to have as she grows up. And what a good trade off for a bed! I bet they were pleased.
I would love to see a larger image if ever you could share one.

Ellen B said...

I second the motion - please make it larger!
This is lovely - what a great idea for bartering.