Sunny Bunnies holiday fun!

As the summer holidays approach, I thought it would be fun to share some 'sunny' illustrations. click to see larger

Here are some illustrations from my latest book "Sunny Bunnies"
Written by Margie Blumberg
Illustrated by June Goulding
Published by MB Publishing
ISBN-10: 0962416649
ISBN-13: 978-0962416644


Janet said...

Oh June! These are so fun and fresh looking -- makes me want to high tail it to the beach! Beautiful work.

Anni Matsick said...

Oh, how darling! The little characters do indeed seem to be enjoying the sun and fresh air!


Stephen Aitken said...

Makes me want to hop around the beach too...wonder if they're wering sunscreen. Great work June!

Andy J Smith illustration said...

These rock! This is some kick @ss children's book illustration! SERIOUSLY sweet spreads! Keep em coming!!

Marilee said...

Love your animals, June. They're so warm and cute. Looks like a great book - I love illustrations like this where there is so much to look into...