NYC Real & Imagined

Illustrators attending ICON5 were invited to participate in a collaborative
book project, "New York City, Real & Imagined," showcasing the many different individual perspectives of the city that we’ve all come to know through films, written word, legend, or the daily grind. The images were projected on the big screen in the main hall of the conference during any wait periods. The work was beautifully hand bound for display at the conference and potentially beyond.
I was one of about 50 illustrators who contributed work. My image shows the accoutrements of an artist’s typical day in The City, starting with coffee and street map, with notes listing an itinerary on a pad from Picturebook picked up at a SCBWI conference. I depicted this in pencil like a page in a sketchbook, hoping to keep it fresh.

Donna Berger (see earlier post) and I hoped to share a photo of ourselves at the Children’s Museum of Manhattan where we saw “Golden Legacy: Original Art from 65 Years of Golden Books” but none were permitted inside the show. It was a cozy place on a rainy evening, with the art hung around four walls at children’s viewing level and children with parents in the next room involved in a crafts session. The art evokes childhood memories for all of us, and was wonderful to see in original form. We had dinner at a casual French restaurant across the street, and later ended up having drinks in the rooftop bar at the Roosevelt Hotel, under a big umbrella. Nice way to establish a friendship! More on the show at:


Donna Berger said...

Hi, yes lot's of good memories from the event. The little French restaurant we ate at was called Cafe Lalo which I was told that it was the restaurant that Meg Ryan went to in the movie You've Got Mail. I haven't verified this fact, I'll need to watch the movie again to find out for sure. Thanks, Donna Berger

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Julia said...

It was great to meet you there Anni! And thank you for contributing your beautiful work to the NYC book project.


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