The Prairie That Nature Built

This is the rain that splatters the ground,
And quenches the fire
that blazed all around.
This is a spread from The Prairie That Nature Built, written by Marybeth Lorbiecki, illustrated by me, Cathy Morrison, and published by Dawn Publishing. It comes out September 1, 2014.

A wild prairie is a lively place in this rhythmic romp with munchers and crunchers above and below the grasses so thick, and fires that flare, and rains that quench and always the prairie grows green. Back matter offers information and activities for a fuller appreciation of this marvelous, disappearing habitat.

A walk in the rain

From my sketchbook with a touch of Photoshop.
Amy Huntington

Otter & Bear

Well I guess I'd be remiss if I didn't post at least two bears for the month of March, as bears are the one animal I've drawn professionally more than any other. I like bears so much that my website is even called

Star gazing in My Favorite Bear, written & illustrated by Andrea Gabriel, Charlesbridge Publishing.

Front cover for Otter & Bear, still searching for its publishing home...

Bear and Bird

Here's the cover and two interior images from my latest book, BEAR AND BIRD, which released this month. (Thanks for the "Bear theme" reminder, June!)

BEAR AND BIRD, written by James Skofield
Sleeping Bear Press, March 2014

A Bear and a Bug

This image is part of a two page spread that illustrates the change in hibernation patterns of Spanish bears in the Cordilleran Mountains. They are waking up too early due to warmer winter temperatures and often no food is available for them to eat.

Stephen Aitken

A bear in the rain.


A bear in a hat!

Here is a quick bear sketch from me, to join in with the March theme word.

As we are into Spring, and the days are lighter.. green shoots are pushing upwards and flowers are opening their hearts, and Betty couldn't resist adding a few to her straw hat to celebrate.

June Goulding

One handful of trouble in a charming little panda...

Here's some of my bears from my new book 'Peter Panda Melts Down!'.  Nimbly penned by bestselling author Artie Bennett and deftly painted by me. It's had fabulous reviews... but good luck trying to find any anywhere!
John Nez

Bear from "The Mitten" - Paula Pertile

A bear, a fox, a squirrel and a mouse - from "The Mitten", for Sundance.

Bears from Steven James Petruccio...

Here are a couple of illustrations featuring bears...

From the books:   Johnny Appleseed 
& Narwhal: Unicorn of the Sea
illustrated by Steven James Petruccio