Snowman & Friends

This one is from a while back but it's a snowman.
Have some Winter fun!

Illustration from 
The Wonderful Woods
Steven James Petruccio

Iddy-Biddy art Making

 After years of creating Cut Paper Children's books, magazines and advertisements, I have ended up with a closet stuffed to the brim with boxes of cut paper art.

Along with these whole pieces of art I end up with little bits that I can't just throw out! So I have started making itty-bitty works of art that I place in tiny frames 6 1/2 x 4 1/4.

 I am having a wee bitty sale on Thursday evening at 3:00 pm at my studio. I will also be at T.C. Scoops in Medway our local Ice Cream Parlor for a special arts and crafts night.
Or contact me for any thing you like. Subject Minis

Here are examples of framed and unframed art for size. So cute and fun to assemble. All original one of a kind cut paper minis!

Judith Moffatt

Snow Fields in the Peak District

John Shelley snow landscape

This is a really old piece I recently rediscovered in my father's loft, dating right back to the beginning of my career. It's a portfolio piece, never been published. So here's sharing! The bent church steeple was inspired by St.Mary's Parish Church at Chesterfield in Derbyshire, it's a hilly county!


This was done for the Oxford Picture Dictionary for Kids,
in traditional ink outline and watercolor rendering.


This is my post for the theme of sleep, this postcard got me a job from highlights, a hidden picture where the sheep are dreaming of kids flying. It was fun.

Turkey Time!

Just in case any one wants to join in...trace your hand and make a turkey!  Here's mine.

Steven James Petruccio
Digital Art

And miles to go before I SLEEP

Sea Otter - She hunts for food for both of them and never will give up.
Chimpanzee - At evening she will place it in a "sleeping" nest.
Here's two more sleeping animal spreads for November's theme, SLEEP. I feel like a lot of us Americans will need a long nap after this election season. Thanks for taking a look and please check out my Studio With A View Blog for more images from Baby on Board and other books.

Rest Assured

by Patrick Girouard

Sleeping Baby on Board

Baby on Board coming Spring 2017
November's theme is SLEEP. There's nothing like a sleeping baby or getting illustrations turned in for an upcoming book. This is from Baby on Board, by Marianne Berkes, to be published by Dawn Publications and illustrated by me, Cathy Morrison. Now it's time to get a little sleep.

There's more images from this book, including free downloadable activity sheets, at my Studio With A View Blog.

Happy November!

I love Fall!

I love Fall!  
The chill in the air, the vivid colors, celebrations and cool weather!

Gina Capaldi