Watercolour on Arches hot-pressed paper by Stephen Aitken

Daniel in the Tree

© copyright David Opie
 ink, watercolor
Daniel in the Tree
By David Opie

Tree Cards - Elizabeth Dulemba

I love drawing trees...
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Oak Tree

This is a watercolour of an oak tree on hot-pressed paper completed quite recently for Macmillan Educational.
By Stephen Aitken

Into the Unknown

A watercolour study from "The Light in the Forest" series
by Stephen Aitken
This is an exploration of a theme, more of a fine art study than an illustration for a particular children's book project. However, all study eventually ends up back in our art, doesn't it?

Turkey Hands!

Although I had no art classes in school  while growing up, we did have an "art project" sometimes around the holidays.  One I remember is drawing "turkey hands" around Thanksgiving.  Just trace your hand and fill in the space with your own turkey features.  Here's mine for this year.  Feel free to post your own here too!

 Steven James Petruccio
(digital w/c)


Here's a spread from my very first trade picture book The Secret in the Matchbox, from way back when!

I based the design of the school building on memories of my own primary school in Sutton Coldfield (north of Birmingham, UK). The building is still there, but now used as an independant church.

John Shelley

Kids at The Playground

Playground, schoolyard or park...get out and play!

The new skateboard...ready to play!

John Nez - Playground

Walking to the library one day I noticed the school playground was filled with kids being kids - pretending all sorts of thing.

Backstage at The Globe

Shakespeare, Johnson, Sly, Armin, Burbage and other members of the King's Men get ready for a performance at The Globe Theatre, circa 1604. From 'Will's Words: How William Shakespeare Changed the Way You Talk' (Charlesbridge), written by Jane Sutcliffe.

If The Mummy Could Talk

The chantress, Tamut
Here's my contribution to October's "Costume" theme. While not a costume, still seems appropriate to me. It's from a book I'm working on called "If The Mummy Could Talk". It's the third book I've illustrated by Rhonda Lucas Donald. Please see more on my Studio With A View Blog.

Butterfly Costume

Just in time for Halloween costume ideas!
Sally Springer

Digitally revamped illustration from A Costume for Noah, KarBen Copies, 1995.