Exhibition in Tokyo

Here are a few shots of my current show in Tokyo, many thanks to those who offered advice on printing, here's how these smaller images worked out after painting.


A little animated GIF fun to shake the dust off the PBAA blog. It's funny how picky different online places are about GIFs.  Twitter accepts GIFS - Facebook does not - I thought that Blogger had stopped accepting them, but it turns out they're okay again.  Twitter takes a GIF and converts it into a .mov file.  Whew!

John Nez

Reading makes you smart!

Reading makes you smart!  I thought to try to make this page in the style of Mary Blair.  Photoshop seems to avail itself to spare blocks of color.

John Nez

"Reading" sketches

Here are a few rough sketches I recently blogged, which fall under this month's theme of READING.


Pictures by June Goulding

August is for Readers

Animalogy by Marianne Berkes and illustrated by Cathy Morrison
August's theme is READING. Here's an image from Animalogy with a family reading by the campfire. This was my first book for Sylvan Dell Publishing, now Arbordale Publishing and I'm starting my eighth one now. And it's going to be another book by Marianne Berkes. Happy reading!