Wrapping Presents

I've been doing more black and white work lately.
This was drawn with a black colored pencil (well, three, actually).

Purrs for Peace

Tom and Catrina are the Purrs for Peace Party candidates.


I have always had a thing about mermaids, Highlights choose an illustration off my website and had me turn it into a hidden picture. It was very fun.
By Susan Miller

Banana Moon

Moonlight on the beach. From a story titled 'Banana Moon'. I won a Highlights silver tray award for the art to this story.  It was altogether a complete delight.

Free To Paint

Since "retirement" and "painting on the beach" have come up on the list, here are a few of my paintings done on a recent trip to Block Island, RI.  Up at 6 a.m. - take a walk - become inspired - paint!  Retirement is not on my bucket list.



BOOM!  From my first book, "The Aunts Go Marching" by Maurie J Manning, published 2003 by Boyds Mills Press.  Done in digital pastel using Corel Painter.

Rooster Crossing the Road

Pencil, digital. © David Opie

Illustration from a book proposal. 
By David Opie.


Amy Huntington