House of the Bishop

House of the Bishop by Ellen Beier, from Les Miserables
     In this image, Jean Valjean returns to the house of the Bishop: from the (abridged) text: “What a wretch I am!” he exclaimed, and he burst into tears for the first time in 19 years. Valjean realized that he had to change. When the church clock chimed three on that morning, he was kneeling in prayer at the bishop’s door.

Home is where the heart is...

Houses don't come in one shape or size. The mole lives underground, the seal lives in the ocean and the  deer and fox live in the meadow. 

These are illustrations from Pitter and Patter written by Martha Sullivan, published by Dawn Publishing and illustrated by me, Cathy Morrison. It's one of their new spring releases. 

Welcome Home and Happy Spring!

Passing along some love ♥

Bunny Love

This pencil sketch was from last Valentine's Day... but it is fun to share again :)

June Goulding

Buzzing about Valentines

"If You Love Honey, Nature's Connections" written by Martha Sullivan and illustrated by Cathy Morrison
OK, let me explain… This month's theme is Valentine and this image has nothing to do with Valentine. But this is an illustration for If You Love Honey, Nature's Connections. So I'm connecting Valentine with Love and that's why I'm posting this image.

And I just posted new images from this book on my own blog if you'd like to see more.

Happy Valentine's Day!!

An Alligators Valentine

This is a promotional piece I did for Valentines Day a year ago. Having moved to Florida a couple years ago and seeing many alligators, I was inspired. The art was done with acrylic inks and gouache.

Fancy Sardines Valentine

A little Valentine from a kitty love by Paula Pertile.
This was done with 100% colored pencils. 

Connecticut Caper

Nothing to do with the theme.  This is from an exquisite-corpse sort of project organized by an agency primarily funded by the state of Connecticut to promote literacy and the humanities.  Twelve writers each get to contribute a chapter to an ebook with a plot built around various Connecticut landmarks and historical figures, making up the story as it is passed along, and each chapter is illustrated by a different illustrator.  I got Chapter 6, in which one of the kids in the story encounters William Gillette, a stage actor famous in the early 20th century for his portrayal of Sherlock Holmes.
By Jon Buller


Illustration from the Profile Picture Project 
by Patrick Girouard

Manatee Mom & Calf

This remains one of my all time favorite illustrations.  Not so much for the technical aspect but I feel I captured the love of mother and calf when they are reunited in the story.  I love illustrations, by any artist, that go beyond the words and capture the feeling.

illustration from
by StevenJames Petruccio