SCBWI Book Challenge

Our challenge this year at Orlandos SCBWI was to come up with a wordless/ or little word picture book. 24 to 32 pages. I was only able to pull off 16 pages but was able to do 2 finishes. This is one.
It was a challenging project.

Over on the Farm

Written by Marianne Berkes, illustrated by Cathy Morrison, published by Dawn Publishing
Ok, it's not a birthday image, (our inspirational word for June is Birthday) but it's the cover for a book I have coming out Spring 2016. Artwork for this book is complete and I'm working away on a second book that will be released the same date. I'll post more about this book and others on my Studio With A View Blog soon.

Thanks for taking a look!

Moving Postcard

Here's the illustration from a "moving" (or maybe, "just moved") postcard that I recently sent out.

Murray Moves Ink and watercolor
By David Opie

Birthday for A Little Princess

Some years ago I was asked to step in to illustrate " A Little Princess"  for Penguin Books because the original artist commissioned became ill.  I had just finished " SHARKSI" for them so this was a pleasant departure.

" And what a party it was."
from  A Little Princess

Steven James Petruccio


May's word of the month is Windy!  Today the wind is blowing pollen across the country, creating a POLLEN TSUNAMI!  ACHOO!  So I am posting a few illustrations from my just released book, Achoo! Why Pollen Counts.  Each page has wind billowing pollen, so it was tough to select just a few!  Baby Bear has come out of hibernation and has a big problem - he's allergic to pollen!  Check out the book and find out how he comes to appreciate that dusty stuff that makes us sneeze!

Written and illustrated by Shennen Bersani, Arbordale Publishing, May 2015.

Hoot says the owl

Over On The Farm
Here's one more image representing WINGS. I wanted to post this before April turns to May. This is for an upcoming picture books written by Marianne Berkes and will be out Spring of 2016. It will be a counting book for very young kids. Can you count the owls? I have a few more images from this book on my Studio With A View Blog. Thanks for taking a look.

WINGS - Sphinx Moth

 "Sphinx Moth" 
colored pencils on Strathmore paper
© Paula Pertile

I was inspired to do an illustration of this moth after one started visiting my jasmine in the evenings. I thought it was a hummingbird, its so HUGE! It starts out as one of those scary horned caterpillar worms. I never knew they turned into such glorious creatures. Nature is amazing!

More Wings!

Here's an illustration of "wings" I did for my Dover coloring book HEROES. 

Orville & Wilbur Wright
b/w line art by 
Steven James Petruccio