I love Fall!

I love Fall!  
The chill in the air, the vivid colors, celebrations and cool weather!

Gina Capaldi 

Fall Foliage

This is a vintage illustration, 
an experiment with pencil and colored markers,
with my best buddy dog, Pierce. 
He was a relentless retriever!!

Themed topic: Foliage

Here's a bit of greenery from my retelling of Jack & the Beanstalk, ジャックと豆の木 (Jack to Mame no Ki) for Fukuinkan Shoten in Japan a while ago.

Fall Foliage

This illustration is being used for the fall
New England SCBWI Facebook page banner.

Happy October! (better known in Colorado as fabulous fall foliage month).

Here's my WIP or work in progress. It also fits the bill for October's theme word - Foliage. You can see more current projects at my Studio With A View.

Thanks for taking a look!
In A Nutshell

Experimenting with Photoshop Brushes

Doing some experimenting with Photoshop brushes
for this month's theme of "Pig".
By Sally Springer

Oink Oink!

Here's an illustration of a pig for a recent project. 
It's always fun painting a pig.

John Nez

Pig Pool Party

This is a hidden picture that I did for Highlights Hidden Pictures Lets Play series. I love drawing pigs.

Susan Miller

Wrapping Presents

I've been doing more black and white work lately.
This was drawn with a black colored pencil (well, three, actually).