I Want A Pet!

Here's two images from I Want A Pet!, a book I wrote and illustrated and published with Tiger Tales Books. See more pets, persons, places and things on my Studio With A View Blog.

I Want A Pet!
Illustrated and written by Cathy Morrison
Tiger Tales Books

See you later alligator

New mailer for promotion.
 The back notes that I have moved with new address, phone.
My web page is under construction.
(also fits the animal theme)

Sharon Lane Holm

Back To The Present: Mailers

New Promo

I haven't done a mailer promo piece for many years but have noticed some publishers asking for printed examples of work.  I had this tri-fold done through Vistaprint and made new cards and envelopes as well.  Now to get them sent.

Little Bitty Friends

From the back cover of Little Bitty Friends by Elizabeth McPike
G.P. Putnam’s Sons publisher
Patrice Barton

Puppy Pals

Here is a puppy from I'll Take My Chances,
written by Mark Burrows and illustrated by me.
It is one of my first digitally illustrated books.

What The Pet Says...

Hmmm?  You can fill in the blanks on this old edu illustration I did.  This one was a learning experience for me in terms of style too.


Augusta Herringbone's Pet Rocks

A page from Chapter 3 of DRACULA MARRIES FRANKENSTEIN, by Susan Schade and Jon Buller, to be published in October by Papercutz.


From a long ago project for a Korean publisher teaching children to read English. Janet McDonnell. www.janetmcdonnell.com

Themed Art: Pets

I dropped some pets into the panoramic scenes for my Shakespeare-themed book Will's Words last year. Here are some cropped close-ups from much larger scenes, can you spot the trouble-makers?

The white cat in the last one was covered up by a text block in the printed book.
Here's the PenguinRandomHouse Page for Will's Words.

John Shelley

Pet Wash

Hidden Picture Puzzle
Highlights For Children
by Patrick Girouard

My PET Project at the moment

July's theme word is PET. 

I'm posting these images for a couple of reasons. First, this is my PET project I'm currently working on. Lately I've been writing as well as illustrating. Two projects are in the submission phase. But not this one. It's rolling around in my head, ever changing, but for some reason these images keep coming up so I took the time to play around to see what develops. Maybe one will be a cover, maybe not. The first is pretty straight forward, the second would be a cover wrap. I like cover wraps.

The second reason I'm using these images is because they showcase a PET mouse. Personally, I'm not a fan of a mouse for a pet, but sometimes these books write themselves as much as I try to direct where they are going.

Happy July and thanks for taking a look. You can see more on Studio With A View Blog.

PET - Themed Art for July by Cathy Morrison

Felix and the 400 Frogs

Random House, 1996.  Those were the days, my friend, we thought they'd never end!  Every time we went into New York to deliver the artwork we would get taken out to lunch at a nice restaurant.  There was a Step-Into-Reading spinner in every Stop & Shop.  The World Trade Center was still standing. Felix was based on the son of a friend.  He now has a full black beard and works as a chef in a New York restaurant.

Animal Gas Guest Artists Spectacular

This was my contribution to Bryan Ballinger's Animal Gas Guest Artists Spectacular book project. I was thrilled to be in the company of many other Picture Book Artist Association illustrators! by Patrick Girouard