Felix and the 400 Frogs

Random House, 1996.  Those were the days, my friend, we thought they'd never end!  Every time we went into New York to deliver the artwork we would get taken out to lunch at a nice restaurant.  There was a Step-Into-Reading spinner in every Stop & Shop.  The World Trade Center was still standing. Felix was based on the son of a friend.  He now has a full black beard and works as a chef in a New York restaurant.

Animal Gas Guest Artists Spectacular

This was my contribution to Bryan Ballinger's Animal Gas Guest Artists Spectacular book project. I was thrilled to be in the company of many other Picture Book Artist Association illustrators! by Patrick Girouard


I had to search my images to find an illustration with a 'Nest' to fit this month's theme.
This close up is from Breezy Bunnies
written by Margie Blumberg
illustrated by June Goulding

This is the full double page spread.
We have ducklings by our tree, quacking, snacking – one, two, three!

Nest Art

Remembered illustrating this nest in a dinosaur book!  Close up of nest with mama patrolling the border!

Triceratops Nest
watercolor illustration from
TRICERATOPS  / Steck-Vaughn

Themed Art: Nest

This is the final image for The Mountain that Loved a Bird. Joy finally comes to stay!

Themed Art: Nest

John Shelley - For the themed topic of NEST here's a spread from my very first picture-book, a small mass-market novelty book Night Eyes, written by Peter Ward, published by Crystal Clear in London, 1986. Every other spread had heat sensitive hidden pictures that appeared on the dark background when you warmed the page with your hand - hence the dark subject - a night wander through the woods. This spread actually has a hidden stream in the printed book.


From FARADAWN, by Susan Schade and Jon Buller (Simon & Schuster, 2007)

Here's smiling at you...

Here's smiling at you... my PicBookArts contribution featuring teeth.  I liked this quick easy style that matches drawing and digital color.

John Nez