Wise grandfather fox

The wise counsel of grandfather fox is the theme of this page from a new book.  I liked how the woodsy setting reminded me of a russian folk tale somehow.

John Nez

Jingle Bulbs

This time of year I am creating Hand Painted Ornaments for my JingleBulbs.com site.
I started painting them for clients that I would have during the year, and then it turned into a nice side business.  Eventually it would be nice to be able to turn the designs into cards and Christmas related products.
Susan Miller

Grandparents and SkADaMo 2014

Over on my blog ( June Goulding ) I'm trying to post a sketch a day as part of Sketch A Day Month, and this couple arrived on my sketch book page.
I think they might qualify as Granparents, so I thought I would share them here as part of our monthly inspiration theme word - Grandparents.

Profile Picture Project: the video!


I just completed a personal project in which I created one new Facebook profile picture every day for a year. My son Marc took all of the paintings, wrote and recorded a cool song, and then turned them into this wonderful video. Turn it up!