This illustration with "wheels" was from the story, "Where are my shoes?"
 in Highlights High Five Magazine. Always fun to work with this great group!
Sally Springer



Interior Illustration from Skateboard Party by Karen English
Illustrated by Laura Freeman


I found an old pencil sketch that is a fit to this month's theme of 'Wheels'.

Cats with Wheels
by June Goulding

Toad on the Road

Kerouac for 2nd graders! By Susan Schade and Jon Buller, Random House 1992


As a kid I played with TONKA trucks - the dump truck and loader were my favorites.  Some years ago I was asked to illustrate "Working Hard With the Mighty Dump Truck" for Scholastic and that led to eleven more TONKA books.  I had a great time playing with those trucks again with my son to get some reference photos.

TONKA Truck Book Series
Scholastic, Inc.

Illustrated by

Wonderful Wheels

"Wonderful Wheels" for Click Magazine
 by Patrick Girouard

Snowman & Friends

This one is from a while back but it's a snowman.
Have some Winter fun!

Illustration from 
The Wonderful Woods
Steven James Petruccio

Iddy-Biddy art Making

 After years of creating Cut Paper Children's books, magazines and advertisements, I have ended up with a closet stuffed to the brim with boxes of cut paper art.

Along with these whole pieces of art I end up with little bits that I can't just throw out! So I have started making itty-bitty works of art that I place in tiny frames 6 1/2 x 4 1/4.

 I am having a wee bitty sale on Thursday evening at 3:00 pm at my studio. I will also be at T.C. Scoops in Medway our local Ice Cream Parlor for a special arts and crafts night.
Or contact me for any thing you like.
Hoffmoff@judithmoffatt.com Subject Minis

Here are examples of framed and unframed art for size. So cute and fun to assemble. All original one of a kind cut paper minis!

Judith Moffatt