3 for 5 art challenge, Susan Swan

Day 1 of 3 for 5 Art Challenge - I've been tagged by Sally Vitsky in this FB Challenge to show 3 images a day for 5 days of my cut paper illos and to nominate another cut paper artist to do the same.

I nominate Judith Moffett. I don't think you are on Facebook Ms. Moffett but you could post here on the Dust blog which will then show up on FB.

I've recently started a FB page for illustration to keep it separate from my jewelry stuff. I'm showing older pieces for the challenge since I frequently show images from my current picture books.

To see more of her 3 for 5 illustrations, see Susan's Facebook page:

It is  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Susan-Swan/570998812972748 

Susan Swan

3 for 5 Art Challenge

In the interest of showing more great art on our FB page I'd like to begin the 3 for 5 Art Challenge . You select an artist who then posts 3 of their illustrations a day for the next 5 days and each day that artist nominates another artist to participate. I just participated in this for my fine art paintings and it was fun to show work and see work from many artists I never took the time to get to know better. So I nominate Carol Schwartz to post her work for all to see. 
You can see my fine art 3/5 Collection on my Facebook page 
 my page if you want to as well!  You may have to post to the blog in order to get your art up on the FB page.

Landscape: The streets of Tokyo

Here's something to fit the landscape theme, or city scape in this case. You can tell it's an old picture as Tokyo Metro underground changed their logo many years ago!

LANDSCAPE - Ginger Cookie Arch

This is pushing the idea of 'landscape' a bit, but technically it fits. I tried to make these cookies look like an old ruined arch, out in some bleak landscape. And . . . clouds!

Landscape - The City of my birth "Oerlinghausen"

Bernhard Oberdieck


Canyon de Chelly, AZ

I painted this watercolor from a photo that I took during a recent trip to
Canyon de Chelly, AZ. Click for a larger view.
-David Opie.

Night Landscape

Click on image for larger view
This landscape scene is from Sunny Bunnies which was originally published a few years ago but it is a 'landscape' image I am still fond of. I particularly like the night-time blues, and the friendly lights of the car making its way home through Carrot Cake Park.

Materials: Dip-pen ink outlines on watercolour paper, coloured with watercolour paints and coloured pencils.

June Goulding

Social Landscape

In case you're not my friend on FB or don't follow me on Twitter, here's the image I created to show support for our fellow artists at Charlie Hebdo.  When I was just a kid learning how to draw I met many cartoonists who were my inspiration to become a professional illustrator, Bill Gallo, Bill Kresse, Al Kilgore, Mort Walker, Burne Hogarth, Dik Browne and more.  Freedom of expression is what we do.


By Steven James Petruccio

New Address!

This year’s holiday postcard was designed to announce our new mailing address… 
but we have NOT moved yet. I hope you enjoy a sneak peek of the art.
Wishing everyone a Happy New Year! You can still find me in the studio at:  sharonvargo.com