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Tea Party

Costume Party



I'm currently working on 5 projects at the same's overwhelming and I've been drawing for months now...missing sloshing around in water and color like crazy... two of the projects are just about drawn, thankfully, but drawing has gotten easier, that's for sure! Now, I just hope I haven't forgotten how to paint...

Newsflash! Rain in Seattle!

Newsflash! Rain in Seattle! That's right, you heard it here - for the first time since like last April I actually saw rain sloshing down along with lots of thunder. Thunder is very rare here. The picnic was moved indoors for a change.

John Nez

Kustom Komix

This is the cover of a webcomic that I put together from the artwork of kids in a cartooning class at the New London Maritime Museum where I was the instructor.  I drew the building, which is supposed to represent the old Customs House which houses the museum, and each of the kids in the class contributed the various details that I combined and colored in the computer.  I don't know if the kids learned anything, but I learned a lot.

August's word-of-the-month is Picnic!

If You Love Honey by Martha Sullivan, illustrated by Cathy Morrison
August's word-of-the-month is "Picnic" and I just happened to have an image that relates. This book comes out in a couple of weeks and while I wouldn't say it was a picnic to illustrate it, I can say I totally enjoyed researching and illustrating it. The publisher is Dawn Publications!

Here's an early and very nice review by Sue Poduska with 2nd Grade Reading Blog.

Please check out my Studio With A View Blog for more information about this book and others.

Thanks for taking a look!

Friends of Butterflies! Ladybugs!

By Wendy Edelson

Hiding a Butterfly...

On each spread of my book Farmers' Market Day is a small hidden butterfly-
no particular species...just friendly!

written by Shanda Trent
Illustrated by Jane Dippold
Tiger Tales Books

Butterflies…. oh my!

So MANY butterflies are in my recently released 32 page picture book, Butterfly Counting, it was hard to select some pages to share.  So I tossed them all in the air and these fluttered down onto my desktop.

I couldn't resist sharing a butterfly coloring page, too.  Lots more coloring pages of lots of different animals can be found on my website:

written by Jerry Pallotta and illustrated by Shennen Bersani
Charlesbridge, March 2015.

Butterfly : Part 1

 In " Can The Sad Come Out", young readers are shown how life changes by using a classic, metaphorical image...

" Can The Sad Come Out?"
Illustrated by
Steven James Petruccio
digital painting

Imagine... If It Rained Butterflies

Illustrated by Barbara Spurll,

Imagine... If It Rained Butterflies
was commissioned by 
Your Big Backyard Magazine, National Wildlife Federation

lots of butterflies

detail from a picture book done a few years ago 
written by Suzanne Slade
illustrated by Susan Swan