Profile Picture Project: the video!


I just completed a personal project in which I created one new Facebook profile picture every day for a year. My son Marc took all of the paintings, wrote and recorded a cool song, and then turned them into this wonderful video. Turn it up!


Aquarell and gouache on paper.

Bernhard Oberdieck


This is the cover art for a book in an outdoor science series I did way back when...
The Wonderful Woods
Acrylic on watercolor paper
Steven James Petrucccio

Themed Art: Autumn

I re-discovered this as I was sorting through artwork for my exhibition. It's the opening spread from The Three Billy Goats Gruff, a series I did for KiddyCAT magazine in Japan.... way, way back. The title etc ran across the left, hence the open space. It was at a time I was invariably approached by Japanese publishers to work in an authentic "traditional European" children's book style, hence the nostalgia!


Love the season, and all the autumnal colors and critters.

Tara Larsen Chang, watercolor on paper.

Autumn Happiness!

My most recently illustrated book (September 2014 ) "The Best of the Part of the Day", written by Sarah Ban Breathnach,  is divided into the four is an image from, of course, Autumn!

The fifth wheel

Great horned owls have been hooting outside my bedroom window this fall. Amy Huntington.

Fun Fall at the Farm

It's getting to be pumpkin picking time. Illustrations from PICK A CIRCLE, GATHER SQUARES, A Fall Harvest of Shapes. Written by Felicia Sanzari Chernesky, illustrated by Susan Swan

Fall Fell

One of the final images from my recently completed Profile Picture Project.
Patrick Girouard