Baboushka Kitty

Our theme this month is "Princess", and although not a princess in the traditional sense, I think this Russian Baboushka kitty has some princess attitude. She is "making present" with her basket of food. She was drawn by hand with colored pencils.

Themed art - Princess

Some more work from a version of Cinderella I drew for Japanese publisher Hikari no Kuni many years ago. At the time I'd been researching the French Revolution a great deal and had large stock pile of art references of the late 18th Century. The setting is very much the dying days of the Ancien RĂ©gime, so sadly Cinders and Prince Charming may not have had long to enjoy their happiness!

Princess Theme

Here are a couple of princess images I created.  One was for a Halloween book and features my daughter with her friends and cousin. The other is a spread from A Little Princess which I stepped in to illustrate for another illustrator when she could not meet the deadline...I'm glad I took the job!

Halloween Counting Fun

A Little Princess

Watercolor Illustrations by
Steven James Petruccio


While looking for some themed art I came across this image I created some years ago for a book featuring Koko the lowland gorilla.  This was part of the intro to her story.

Watercolor on Arches paper

Themed Art: Monkeys

I have to admit that monkeys haven't formed a large part of my children's portfolio, but here's a little sketchbook doodle from a while back!

Monkey See...

Here's my monkey, a colorful warm change of pace from the cold snowy scenes of the winter book I was working on recently.

John Nez

Winter Woods

A variety of birds found in the woods for a natural science book I illustrated.  The reference was easy...right behind my house


Wonderful Woods
Steven James Petruccio

Winter Season's Greetings!

from Butterfly Counting 

written by Jerry Pallotta and illustrated by Shennen Bersani

Sorry penguin, there are zero butterflies in Antarctica.  Wishing everyone magical season's greetings!